Academic Program Review and Viability Reports

The Comprehensive Academic Program Review (CAPR) process at SPC is designed to be a summative evaluation of all lower division (AS) and upper division (BAS/BS) workforce programs at the College. The CAPR involves a collaborative effort meant to continuously measure and improve the quality of educational programs provided to the community. Conducted on a 4-year cycle, the CAPR contains individual program information and over twenty college-wide measures.

The Academic Program Viability Report (APVR) is designed to be an abbreviated yearly summative evaluation of a program’s viability. It provides key College stakeholders such as the Executive Committee, a snapshot of relevant program specific information in order to highlight program trends and issues. Program level action plans are included in the report as part of the program viability report process. The APVR contains detailed measure descriptions as well as individual program reports for all lower and upper division programs designated by the active academic organization levels.

A public site within the Educational Outcomes website provides the public access to view CAPR and APVR published reports.

The most recently completed Academic Program Viability Reports (APVR) for each degree program may be viewed by selecting the respective tab below.


IE is responsible for ensuring the quality and value of academic programs, student support services, and administrative units, collaborating with the provost, deans, faculty, and administrators to identify and conduct assessments in various areas.



SPC is accredited by the  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC). In addition, many degree programs offered at SPC are accredited or approved by state or national organizations.


Beginning Spring of 2021, IE is expanding the Undergraduate Research Experiences (UREs) model collegewide to provide paid opportunities for students pursuing STEM and non-STEM degrees, to complete paid 8-week UREs.


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