The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) is responsible for ensuring the quality and value of academic programs, student support services, and administrative units. We collaborate with provosts, deans, faculty, and administrators, to identify and conduct a needs assessment, student learning outcomes assessment, student support and administrative unit assessment, quality enhancement plan assessment, data analyses, and college-wide reporting of assessment results, in support of SPC’s culture of continuous process improvement.

Given that student success is the core mission of SPC, developing and measuring effective outcomes is the cornerstone of the Institutional Effectiveness processes. To accomplish this task, each academic and non-academic unit has established expected outcomes for which it collects and analyzes data in order to assess the extent to which it achieves these outcomes and uses the results of the findings to improve the unit.

Program or unit administrators submit completed assessment reports within the Educational Outcomes website where they are reviewed by Institutional Effectiveness. Assessment reports are approved and continue through the approval chain or are returned to the program or unit administrator for revision.

A public site within the Educational Outcomes website provides the public access to view published assessment reports.


IE is responsible for ensuring the quality and value of academic programs, student support services, and administrative units, collaborating with the provost, deans, faculty, and administrators to identify and conduct assessments in various areas.



SPC is an accredited institution with many degree programs additionally accredited or approved by state and national organizations specific to those fields of study.

student speaking about project


Various opportunities to complete a research project are available to SPC students. Additionally, student researchers are invited to present their research projects at SPC’s Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium each fall semester.


Contact information for our Institutional Effectiveness Team;

  • Maggie Tymms
  • Jennifer McBride
  • Amy Eggers
  • Robert Mohr