Welcome to Institutional Research and Planning

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Academic Services provides information and analytical support to college-wide internal decision-making, external accountability, strategic planning, and ongoing continuous institutional improvement.  Through collaborative leadership, the office supports a broad range of planning, research and assessment activities, including those that support student learning outcomes assessment, department/ program review, as well as institutional (SACSCOC) and programmatic accreditation.

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The Mission

The mission of St. Petersburg College is to empower our students and community to achieve success and economic mobility through academic excellence and engagement.


A premier college enriching and strengthening lives through a community of care.

Institutional Effectiveness

SPC’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness conducts assessments, program reviews, program viability, and surveys, using data analyses to support a culture of process improvement at SPC.

Institutional Research

Office of Institutional Research at SPC assures mandatory reporting compliance, and provides; reliable unbiased data, business intelligence [Read More…]

Research Review Committee

Responsible for the assessment, approval, and monitoring of research studies for the purpose of the human subject’s protection and supporting the interests of the College.


SACS-COC accreditation means an institution is dedicated to providing quality higher education and ongoing improvement through planning, assessment, and quality enhancement.

Student Right-To-Know

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