Fall Feedback Sessions

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Fall Feedback Summary

Video contents:

  • Overview: 0:00:00
  • A&P Report Out: 0:43:13
  • Faculty Report Out: 1:08:10
  • Career Service Report Out: 01:35:20
  • Student Focus Group: 02:08:14

SPC Strategic Plan 2021-2024

The planning process for the 2021-24 Strategic Plan began during the Fall of 2020 through a variety of input-seeking sessions, beginning with the August Board of Trustees (BOT) Planning Workshop.  During the is meeting, the BOT decided to build upon the success of our current plan and its three pillars of Academic Excellence, Economic Mobility, and Community Engagement, while maintaining the foundational elements of Financial Vitality and Employee Engagement and identified the key strategic goals that need to be considered in the new plan to best support student success. 

Focus groups were then conducted with each area of the college’s employees: A&P, Faculty, and Career Staff; and most importantly, the student body. Over 370 people shared their thoughts on the current barriers facing our students and potential strategies the college could use to better support them.  

For the remainder of the fall, the five committees (one for each pillar and foundational element) worked to finalize key Strategic Priorities aligned to the goals identified by the Board of Trustees.  The draft of these Strategic Priorities was shared with the Board during the annual December Strategic Planning workshop.

During the Spring of 2021, the five committees took the feedback from the focus groups, the Board of Trustees, and college leadership to redesign the Strategic Priorities.  Each area also identified which priorities would be the focus for the first year (2021-22) and created a series of action steps they hoped to accomplish.  The new Strategic Priorities and action steps were shared with the college family through another round of feedback sessions.  Over 350 employees and students attended and shared their thoughts together through breakout sessions and afterward through surveys.

Another round of review and redesign took place during April with a final round of feedback sessions scheduled during late April/early May. A final draft of the plan, along with first-year action steps will be shared during the June Board of Trustees meeting.  The new plan will go into effect in July 2021.

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