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SPC Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Overarching Goals

  • Increase Student Attainment
  • Expand and Sustain Access to Post-Secondary Education
  • Motivate and Engage the Community

Annual Strategic Plan Metric Update:
December 2018

December 2018 BOT Meeting

Annual Strategic Plan Metric Update:
December 2019

2019 – Strategic Plan Update




Commitment: We will deliver a high-quality education as a first-choice institution for our students by creating an innovative and engaging learning environment within a supportive, collegial culture.

Strategic Priorities

  • Enhance the Learning Experience
  • Close Achievement Gaps
  • Advance Student Progression through Career and Academic Pathways to Attainment


Commitment: We will provide opportunities for our students to be prepared for in-demand careers and professional growth. This will contribute to their economic success and improved quality of life, helping end cycles of generational poverty and drive economic growth in the community.

Strategic Priorities

  • Expand Access and Support Affordability for all Students
  • Drive Enrollment Growth and Expand Educational Choices in the Areas that Will Fill the Talent Pipeline
  • Supply Opportunities for Students to Explore Programs that Meet Their Career Goals


Commitment: We will invest in the well-being and growth of our community by serving as a leader, convener, and catalyst for positive change. We will maintain this commitment by creating strong partnerships, participating in civic learning and community engagement, and cultivating a Community of Care.

Strategic Priorities

  • Connect Regional Resources to Holistically Support Students, the College, and Community
  • Grow and Strengthen Business Partnerships to Address Workforce Demands
  • Promote Civic Leadership


Commitment: We will establish a dynamic model for financial and operational vitality that drives investments and preserves a thriving institution.

Achieve Fiscal Strength

Strategic Priorities

  • Increase Non-State Funding Streams and Diversify Resources
  • Maximize Space Utilization and Facility Alignment
  • Advance the College’s Viability, Reputation, and Resources


Commitment: We will invest in the well-being of our college family by creating an organizational culture of care through respect, communication and recognition in order to foster trust, growth and empowerment of our employees.

Increase Employee Retention by 1.5%

Strategic Priorities

  • Enrich Equity and Diversity in the Workplace and Ensure the Composition of the College is Representative of the Community
  • Expand Professional Development Opportunities that Promote Innovation and Growth
  • Ensure Employee Engagement and Retention through Strong Communication, Recognition, and Responsiveness

Student FACT Book

2020-2021 Collection

2020-21 SPC Factbook